Fixing the Command Key for a Varmilo Keyboard

One of my (many) quarantine purchases was a Varmilo keyboard for my MacBook, a very NW looking VA87M model.

It has been been working quite well, with most issues arrising from me being so used to typing on a the default MacBook keyboard and fat-fingering the keys on my new Varmilo.

A few weeks into using it, my command key stopped working. Quite the problem for a heavy mac user. Luckily Varmilo makes it easy to reset and fix this issue.

How to reset your command/option keys on a Varmilo keyboard

Hold the FN key down and press the ESC for about 4 seconds, if the CapsLock backlight flashes 3 times, that means the reset was successful.

If the FN and left WIN are swapped, hold the left WIN down and press the ESC key for 4 seconds, once the CapsLock backlight flashes 3 times, you know it was successful.

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